Why I Marched

I marched today along with over 5,500 CPS Teachers and Staff because we are tired of being disrespected by people who are not educators. We the educators, the people who work with students, work with parents, and are invested in our school’s communities, know what will work for our students.

We marched to show that our schools are not failing; it’s the policies that are failing the students. I marched because we care so much about the students that we realize if we don’t march and come together now, the privatized educational system that is being proposed by the current administration will cause irreparable harm to our students, schools, communities, and our careers.

We do not want to march. We want to teach. We do not want to strike. We want to teach. We do not want to be forced to implement the newest, latest, ineffective and untested educational policy. We want to teach.

In the course of caring about our students, we have to care about ourselves. We have to care about the policies that we are asked to implement. We have to care about our compensation as educators. We have to care about full rich curriculums. We have to care about schools with counselors, librarians, psychologists, and social workers. We want to teach in a school system that values and respects every child, no matter where they live. We want to teach, but until we are allowed to teach and feel that our students best interests are at heart WE WILL MARCH.


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